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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 2.

Ok, im having trouble with the laptop tonight as it refuses to post pictures! Sorry bout that!
and i took a good few today!
Hopefully i will have it resolved tomorrow and i can add the pics later.

Well i started off in Kingman today,
even at 8am it was pretty hot, I started the day at Mr, d'zs diner,
I had something called Corn Grits, It looked like cereal but i couldn't really tell.

Then i headed for Peach springs, its Indian reservation land, a bit further up the road
i visited The Canyon Caverns,
the tour brought me down underground 200ft where there is no moisture in the air,
Its so dry and dark even bacteria can't even last 2 weeks!
There was a huge Fibreglassasaraus dinosaur outside too, It used to be a stuffed dinosaur park or something.
Pictures to follow soon!

Then i went to Flagstaff,
Nice town, it feels like a seaside town but without the sea,
I wandered around there and visited the Arizona Historical Museum,

i came off Route 66 for a bit then and headed to Sedona, further south,
thats where im staying tonight,
Its got these huge mountains that youve seen in a hundred movies that turn all red when the sun is going down. A bit like Monument valley, which is also here in Arizona but a bit too far for me to go this time.
they are amazing! I went up to a scenic point to get a few shots of the evening sun,
Got some good ones,
Ill try and get a few more tomorrow and they better post this time!!!

Tomorrow then ill be heading for Gallup i think,
Ive booked an old place called the El Rancho hotel owned by some old Indian chief (so it says anyway)! so hopefully ill be all up and running again for that!

Right ill talk to you tomorrow.



Blogger shea said...

Itwas very grey!!

Alright i think the pics have posted, even though they might be in backwards order.

4:21 AM  
Blogger pirate said...

Hi shimmy

looks like your having a great time, ( really jealous )

pics look great,have you seen many bikers around ?...

keep in touch buddy

9:49 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Hey peeky pirate,

yeah route 66 is a bikers paradise most of the way!

6:42 PM  

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