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Travelling from L.A. to N.Y over the next 2-3 weeks.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Day 4

Howdy Everyone,

Im a bit sleepy tonight, done a good bit of driving today,

I left El Rancho and Gallup this morning, i was a bit sleepy then too,
I think theres a freight train that just circles Gallup all night tooting its horn!
El Rancho hotel is an extraordinary place!

Anyway, i headed Eastwards towards Albuquerque, (hard to say, even harder to spell) and im slowly realising how big America is, New Mexico is really empty, except for all the New roads they are making, they like their New stuff!
and so the challenge is on to reach New York city by the 9th of Sept.

I drove on some of the pre-1937 route 66 on the Los Lunas loop road just before Albuqurque
but i did run into Roadworks and had to take a few detours here and there until i eventually squeezed out of Alber(oh, i cant look up the spelling again!)thingy and the road(works)trip continued.
So i stopped in Santa Rosa instead at Josephs diner and took a few pics of the old signs.
Then i stopped again at Tucumcari and there was some nice old murals around.
A once buzzing neon town of route 66

Later i crossed the state line into Texas and now im in Amarillo,
like the song "is this the way to Aaa....sorry but its been in my head all feckin day!!
and its probably in yours now!

So im staying here at the horse hotel and the Big Texas steak ranch, theres a huge bull outside and everything so far in Texas is big! And i mean everyone and everything!
They have a 72ounce steak on the menu. 72 ounces!!!!
i think its free if you eat it. Or if you die trying to eat maybe,

The rooms here have all quirky names of hotels on them and inside its all built with rough-hewn timber. Feels like a log cabin!
Ive just had a quick look around but its just started raining like crazy, I saw loads of lightning approaching in the distance and then i got soaked as the storm caught up on me.
All the Texan accents i can hear are saying 'Gee' and 'wudja look at that rayin'!

Im a bit tired tonight so thats it for now,
Tomorrow im going to head for Oklahoma city!

so G'nite then y'all. Yeehaaw.



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