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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 5...

I woke up in Texas this morning at the Horse hotel and seeing there was real horses in pens out the back i went out to say hello. there was no-one around so i went in and a few of the horses whinnyied a bit, i guess they were saying "mornin" too.

There was a bit of a thunderstorm last night so there was water everywhere,
I checked out and went over to the Big Texan for breakfast.
It was a mighty breakfast too! A buffet thingy so you could have whatever you wanted, and the plates are about the size of cartwheels.
the Cheery old waitress came over and said "How y'allbin this mornain? even though theres only one of me.
She said, 'WAYell if ya need any HAYulp, ahl be just over Heyur.

So ah went to GEYut me some CAWfeee and Aigs before ah left Texus. (no tea unfortunately!)

So off i head then and my first stop off was a place called 'Shamrock'. So i had to stop there really.
Theres a place in the middle of town called 'U drop Inn' that has these old-style gas pumps all refurbished and really work!
there was lots of Irishy sounding places and pictures of shamrocks in garages and windows, it was very quiet though, I saw a field which had a sign "irish field" by it and there was one bockedy-looking goalpost.
So im not sure if they brought the whole field from Ireland or if it was always there.
Is anyone missing a field from Ireland????

Anyway then i crossed onto Oklahoma,
And i had read about a curiosity shoppe in a place called Erick so i went there.

This is where i met some real nutters....they were brilliant.
I found the shop that is covered in signs and one of them reads "the redneck capitol of the world! Yee haw!" the shop is more of a cafe,store,pub?,warehouse,shack,mental asylum kind of place all in the one room and run by these 2 folks called Harley and Annabelle Russell.
they are a bit nuts.
they also call themselves "mediocre music makers" and had just finished playing an impromtu gig for a bunch of bikers who had called in. i went to talk to Harley as he was swigging a bottle of whiskey (this is friday morning by the way) and asked if i could take a picture.
well as you can see, i didnt have to ask twice.

We chatted for a bit and im thinking these 2 are MAD!. But if you are ever in Erick, Oklahoma, you have to go to this place!!
When i was leaving harley gives me a big bear hug and kisses my hands as if i was his long lost brother or something,
I didnt even buy anything, im not even sure if anythings for sale!!
its just a big pile of..stuff...memorabilia i guess, mostly 2nd hand.
Ill remember this place thats for sure.

So after that crazy encounter i hit the road again,
It was raining most of the day, i think theres a big Oklahoma-shaped cloud over the state cos it was raining everywhere!
I stopped at a route 66 museum then and had a look around because tomorrow im not on Route66 anymore.
it heads one way up to Chicago and i must head a different way to New york.
So it will be uncharted territories for me pretty much!

I got to Oklahoma city tonight and i booked into a place,
down the road i saw a big sign that read 'Club Rodeo'
I though it was worth investigation so i went down later.

Its this big nightclub with country-rock blasting out of it and loads of folks wearing cowboy hats, singing along to Shania Twain and guzzling bottles of beer.
Lots of Yeee-hawing going on. It was great! Peekey, if your out there, you would have loved this place!
But this is no ordinary nightclub, theres a bull ring at on end of this giant shed and 3 times a night a rodeo starts up and cowboys try to stay on a kicking bull for more than 8 seconds,
Its kind of bizzare to have people dancing on a dancefloor and Bulls leaping about going for the high jump record 20 feet away in the same room!!
There was a big build-up and the first guy launched out to the sounds of AC/DC, 'Thunderstruck' everyone chanting Na na na na na na na naah!! well the Bull went nuts, he must love AC/DC cos he kept kicking and headbanging away long after the cowboy was flung a mile away.
and the Bull looked very pleased with himself!
I was cheering for the Bulls each time!
The other 2 bulls who flung their riders in a similar direction to the first poor sod werent country fans either, although it was hard to tell, maybe they were. I half-expected to see the Russells again after that.
Oklahoma sure is nuts.

Anyway thats it for today,
I think its Sunday tomorrow and im heading for Arkansas.
So check in and say Hi if your out there!!



Blogger KernowDoc said...

Hi Shea, just being nosy and thought I would say hello.

It seems like you're packing in a lot though. Have you managed to cadge a lift on a bike yet?

On the subject of Amarillo - I once had to sing a song about that when I was in the best little whorehouse in Texas. Memories...

Take care and try not to get abducted by any Americans who'll keep getting you to say things so they can coo at your accent.

Lisa xx

PS When I say best little whorehouse in Texas, I mean the musical. Not an actual place/previous occupation. Obviously.

6:50 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Hiya Lisa,

Haha, oh, the Musical! i see.

Great to hear from you,
Drop a line anytime during this roadtrip blog, its been a bit one-way the last few days so nice to know theres someone reading it!
No havent had a lift on a bike yet!

Shea x

7:57 AM  
Blogger donnachada said...

Hey Shea,
cool man, thanks for letting me know 'bout the blog. Cool, now we can all see what mischief you get up to. Get yourself into lots of trouble.
Cheers man.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Rain King said...

Krenow Doc? I used to know someone by that name? Long time ago..You never sang that to me!

Whats wrong whith drinking on a Friday morning? Big J does it all the time..

Glad to see you have some real hicks. Bet JJ would love the cattle. Have you seen any sheep? I am told they are bigger in Texas.

Big J and I have lans for you for when you come back... Wont say mch more than that.

RK x

11:37 AM  
Blogger Imelda said...

Hi Shem, we are loving the diary log and photos from all those crazy places you have been too. I feel like I am on the journey with you. Keep on truckin till you hit NY and enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to taking this trip alongside you via the internet.

Imelda, Bruce, Kate and Emma

3:42 PM  
Blogger shea said...

Cheers Donnachada, ill check in on yours too, theres always mischief everywhere!

Hey Rain King,
Ill try and bring you back a sheep then for you and JJ. Youve got lans for me? what are lans? heheh.

Hi Imelda & Gang,
Glad you are along the ride too,
I nearly missed the Texas sign the other day!
I think im over halfway there!

Shem x

6:35 PM  

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