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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day Six...

Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments!

Well i left the madness of Oklahoma this morning, and the sun was back out again which was good, I was driving for most of the day so tomorrow i can get to Memphis quicker,
But i did stop off here and there,
As i was heading for Arkansas, i must have been passing through a bit of bible belt country,
I saw loads of church houses today, Maybe you notice them more on a Sunday but some little towns had 4 or 5 of them!
All with signs outside telling who was preaching and other messages.
I couldnt help but think what Fr.Ted might think!

I tuned into some local radio too and there was a lot of Preachers on there telling me to repent and get down on my knees and sing Hallelujah to the Lord...but thats kinda dangerous while driving and i had to get to Little Rock anyhow!

I even saw a field that was recently sowed, and a big sign by it, 'Pray for Rain'
i didnt get time to take a snap of it, but maybe that farmer should move to the other side of Oklahoma, plenty of rain there!!
I did see a sign that said Oklahoma odd fellows home where all the Oklahomians probably all end up!
Then i stopped off at Roland and Checotah (purely cos i liked the sound of the name)
in Sequoyah county. theres an old wooden cabin and store there that used to house a Mr.Sequoyah who i think invented the Cherokee Alphabet or syllabary which was extremely handy and important back then in talking to the locals.

I crossed the state line into Arkansas then and visited Forth Smith which was a big stronghold in the civil war. one or two original buildings still stand and the gallows with fresh looking ropes
which look like they could be back in use any minute, so i made sure to keep to the speed limits today,(i saw a lot of highway patrol today too!)

I kept going thenfor a good few miles,(ive just done over 2,000 now) and it was just getting dark as i got into Little Rock, Arkansas.
As i mentioned, im not on Route 66 anymore (Aaw!) so i just have one big road map of the US im working from. Ive seen a lot of dirt roads so far as I'm keeping away from the Interstates and freeways as much as possible.
Im staying tonight in the Holiday Presidential Inn, cos its the first one i saw while driving in and didnt want to be driving round in the dark looking for a place!
There's pictures of Clinton everywhere of course as this is his neck of the woods im visiting!
So today was a bit of an American history lesson!

Anyway, ill have more time for adventure tomorrow when i get to look around and hopefully
go to Memphis!

Oh, i think i saw Elvis working down in the Lobby!

Talk to you tomorrow all,



Blogger Jay n Fi said...

Hey Shimmy

We're loving the trip through obscure America with you - You've met some pretty SpEcial people so far. Sorry the Clinton's weren't in for a cigar and a handful of cashews - you should probably call ahead next time ! Looking forward to the stories of Elvis and Graceland and remember to take regular breaks and give your tired old joints a break - 34th year is beckoning! J n da Fees xxx

2:00 AM  
Blogger Jay n Fi said...

Hang on - We're the same age aren't we ? You in your 35th year me 35, I can't believe we didn't realise sooner!

2:28 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Hi Jay n da Fees!!!!I sure have.

Now Jay the althzeimers must really be affecting you old buddy! Im still only 32!!while your 37th year is coming up next!!!


5:51 AM  
Blogger Jay n Fi said...

Oh! Low blow Mr Malone!

6:11 AM  
Blogger Rain King said...

Just one question about Clinton. Wht sort of woman keeps a semen stained dress in her wardrobe for four years?


Pictures look good. Its nice to point out that you are all getting old. I am after all 28..

Ten days to peeing rain and useless service companies. You sure you want to come back?

RK x

10:49 AM  
Blogger shea said...

haha, you can take it Mr Grace, i was at Graceland today by the way!

Rain king,
Im sure its not so bad,
Although too much rain is a bad thing to. you need to learn a rain halting dance!

7:51 PM  

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