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Monday, September 04, 2006

Day Seven....

wow im almost a week on the road!

Hello everyone, i think theres a lot of pictures today!

Well this morning i had a quick look around Little Rock, seems a real nice place,
But i had to get going off i went again,
I stopped off for a little break in the middle of nowhere, bur there was a stall nearby selling fruit so i bought some fresh Arkansas peaches from the owner, and they were very good and sweet!
Today was Labor day actually which is a national holiday here.

So a few hours later i was crossing the Mississippi River into Memphis,Tennessee.
I got a bit stuck on the roads here and there until i had to find a garage that had a map of Memphis! then i went to find Graceland which i got to.
If you are an Elvis fan or not, this place is something else.
Its kind of slap bang in the middle of west Memphis, (not the best area of the city Beware!)

Theres a huge complex where you get your ticket, theres 3 tours all ranging in different price, But you can see all of Elvis' cars, airplanes,memorobilia, lots of souvenier shops etc and then you can get on a bus to take you across the main road to Graceland Mansion itself. I spent about 4 hours here! (i loved the cars and guitars!!) Its the ultimate Mecca for Elvis Fans.

Its not a huge house by any standards but it definitely was his home and its amazing to stand in the same rooms as the King! There's lots of rooms to look in and commentries to listen to, outside then i went over to see his grave. 100's of tourists and fans still arrive every day and leave flowers and gifts.
The walls outside on the road are covered with messages from fans.

There's loads of gold records in a corridor, all over in fact and you can spend a good half day here, all day if your a big fan! Im not a huge Elvis fan but i was seriously impressed by his Legend and won over today.

Later then i found the famous Sun Studios where Elvis recorded his first song for 4 bucks.
I took a tour of the still working studio and this was one of the highlights for me so far on this trip.
I stood where Elvis stood and held the Mike where rockn roll was invented!!
the story of Sam Phillips who started it up is great.
I was in the recording studio where great legends of the blues especially recorded, Jerry lee lewis, Elvis, BBking, Right where i was standing!
They even played back the tapes of Elvis' first recording!
You can just feel the athmosphere in this small room that hasnt changed in years.
Its kind of small and pokey in places which adds to the charm.
I loved it!

Anyway i went and found my Motel then and as i said i think i picked the rough end of Memphis,
all the buildings around this one seem desolate or demolished and the Police keep driving by!! When i turned on the light in the room, cockroaches scampered.

Anyway i got to see the sun setting on the massive Mississippi quite close to here a few hours ago and that was something else. I was walking back to the Motel then in the dark through swampy field that leads to a desolate park.
It was pitch black and the only light i saw was the orange glow of someone pulling on a cigarette up in a tree. By the amount of rubbish under the tree, i'd guess someone lives there. I didnt stop.

Theres definitely a gritty, bluesy feel to this place, and it will be a shame to leave it so soon!
Anywya ill get a look around tomorrow again before i set off.

Rock n roll everbody!!



Blogger donnachada said...

Cool man, nice pics. Graceland is really somthing else. Wow you're making good time. Hey Jay and Fi!!!!

12:26 AM  
Blogger Rain King said...

Ladies and Gentlemen

Seamus has left the building.


5:18 AM  
Blogger Janeylou said...

Great photies, Shea - I am enjoying your stories immensely. I'm green with jealousy, and am considering doing my own blog when I go to Thailand at the end of next month. You're an inspiration! Thanks also for the birthday texts - I am pleased to report that the champagne and cocktails shenanigans were a treat - although I expect you may have been having better fun with some local moonshine and a swamp band of some description. Keep havin' fun and stay luvverly xxx

5:51 AM  
Blogger pirate said...

Great Pics matey,
looks like your having fun, realy wish i had come now whatever the cost..
where will you be on saturday, ill have a beeror two to celebrate, have one for me on the 7th..looking forward to your return, many drinks to be had

enjoy the rest of your trip


9:50 AM  
Blogger KernowDoc said...

Hi Shea! Wow, Graceland looks absolutely fantastic. Whenever I'd imagined it, I always thought that everyone going around there would be an Elvis impersonator (in the white Vegas jumpsuit and big glasses). Were there any there? Also, do they have fast food outlets selling deep fried peanut butter sandwiches or whatever it is that he was rumoured to be eating just before he died? (For true authenticity, they could always sell ones with a bite taken out.)

Also - the shot of the river is beautiful. Do they have steamboats on it like Huckleberry Finn?

Lise xx

11:59 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Hey Donnachada, Yeah Graceland was amazing! hope alls well at DW!

Rain King,
Graceland ould have been right up your street too!

Glad you had a good birthday bash!
Greetings from the swamp.

Peekey Pirate,Ill definitely be raising a glass for you on the 7th.
my exact whereabouts on saturday are still unknown especially to me but 90% chance NYC.

Lisa, there was an Elvis cookbook for sale there with the famous peanut butter and Banana sandwiches!! and yes there are steamboats, check out that picture again to see a river barge coming in from the left of pic!

Shea x

8:21 PM  

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