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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 10.....

Hello everyone, welcome aboard again!

Well i left Bristol (again) this morning, A small little place really,
I was wondering how far ive actually driven (some days blend into one another!) because i did see Signposts for Dublin and Glasgow today.

But no, I think im still in the U.S.
I wanted to get to Maryland today so after breakfast in Shoneys in Bristol i hit the road.
My first random stop for a breather was at a place called Natural bridge in Virginia.
It's called this because theres a big natural bridge there thats taken 100million years to end up looking like it is.
Its breathtaking.
Its 215 feet high and even the Interstate66 still runs over the top of it to this day.
I dont think the pictures can convey the real thing but look for the guy in the white shirt in the corner of picture for scale.
He was the guide who dresses up in the old gear.
Even George Washingtons initials are carved in the stone as local legend says he was the first person to survey it properly.
Seems he was a surveyor before getting into politics.
Down the path in the woods a bit was an old Indian village recreation and there was this little round hut
with a fire inside that would have been used for smoking food.
There was no-one there but when i went in, it must have been at the right time of day because this amazing sunbeam came in through the hole in the roof and caught the smoke, i must have taken 10 pictures of it because it looked so good inside this little hut!

There was loads of dinosaur parks around here too but had to press on,
Later then i stopped at a small place, i think it was called Front Royal cos i was low on gas,
Lots of big battles were fought here years ago.
I went to the visitors centre to get a Washington map and the folks in there were all chat and asked me to sign the visitors book so i did and under 'reasons for stopping by'
-Others had put down all these great historical interest comments, but i had to put down "Honestly, I was just low on Gas!!"
I got to Washington DC then and there was a lot of traffic coming in, took ages, i eventually crossed the state line into Maryland and got a motel at the north part of the city.
After checking in i went back into DC but it was dark at this stage and working out the streets was a bit hairy!!
I did get a quick photo of the white house and the Washington monument,
There was police and guards everywhere!! Keeping a watchful eye on everyone, even though it was dark, I walked around here a bit and the buildings are massive and the architecture is huge,
but i might get to see it better tomorrow.
I think i might try and get to see a little bit of the Smithsonian if i can.

Anyway eventually got back way out where im staying and thats where im leaving it for tonight.
Philadelphia, here i come!

Shea. Zzzzzzzzzz


Blogger Ma said...

Have enjoyed every mile of your epic journey with you. What an achievement to travel so far in such a short space of time. Well done. That diary is fab reading. Have a lovely birthday on Saturday and say hello to New York for us all.

3:15 AM  
Blogger Jay n Fi said...

Shimmy, glad to see you traversed the wilds of small town Americie unscathed and you got to go to Dollywood yay! I agree with ma - (Is that Mrs M. your ma ? Hi if it is) its been reeeeal fun watching your crazy trip unfold, just like watching 'Holiday' with Judith Charmers. Anyway beware of the big city - don't try any of that Crocodile Dundee stuff and definitely don't let someone carry your bag or park your car for you!
Have a great birthday and welcome in that 34th year in style!

3:28 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Thanks Ma, still got a bit to go yet!

G,day jay n the fees,
Ill try not to let anyone steal my Sunshine (my guitar) and anyway im a good shot with a tin of beans!

6:05 AM  

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