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Travelling from L.A. to N.Y over the next 2-3 weeks.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Day 11....

Hows it going everyone out there,

Well i was in Washington DC this morning and went down town to have a look around,
It almost feels like this Capital is full of alarms and sirens and police and guards! at the same time its a very beautiful city and well laid out (even if they are doing roadworks here too!)

I went down and saw Capitol hill and the Lincoln memorial and the reflecting lake, there was a good few people around too early in the morning, the  memorial statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting down is great to see in real life after seeing it in so many movies.
I wandered over to the Smithsonian Institute. I only got to see a fraction of it because there's about 10 museums spread over 10 blocks here so you would never get round to it all in a day!
I had to head back to the car.
Traffic was busy again, as i get closer to NYC the volume of cars and congestion seems to get heavier,
I did cross into the state of Delaware today, i didnt get a snap of the sign 'cos i was in heavy traffic (sorry Delaware!) but i think it's a small State, maybe the smallest because not long after i crossed into Pennsylvania.
I arrived in Philadelphia then, booked into a motel (not the greatest but I'm quite used to that now!)

After i checked in i went to check out downtown Phily, I even crossed the Ben Franklin bridge into New Jersey (it was by accident, i was just following the car in front and before i knew it i had to turn around and pay 3 bucks toll to come back over the bridge!
In fact i came across about 3 toll booths today on the roads, The most expensive day yet!
theres loads of one-way streets in Phily i discovered!!!
I parked up and like Bruce Springsteen, walked the streets of philadelphia for an hour or so looking around,
Theres a street called jewellers row thats just diamond shops one after the other, all the diamonds had been taken out of the display windows cos they had all closed down for the day, but there was a few rough diamonds hanging around the streets here and there!
It feels like some shady deals go down here.

Anyway i got some food in the Phily Diner near where im staying and i have to do some creative packing tonight as hopefully tomorrow i will reach New york and drop off the car and take my bags and go meet my old friend Anthony,
Its not too far away now!

So my next entry might be tomorrow, or the day after, depending on what happens, but its day 12 tomorrow, the final day of travelling coast to coast!!!

Will i make it???
Tune in again to find out!!

G'nite from Philadelphia Y'all.



Blogger Ma said...

Have a lovely bithday today Shem, hope you reach your final destination and if you do you will be in good company for a real good kneesup! You should be full of a lot of emotions after your journey - excitement, exhaustion(maybe) and certainly exhiliration aat having completed such a journey. Well done. It has been most exciting travelling every mile with you. Hello to Anthony and Jay/Fi and RainKing as well.


7:07 AM  

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