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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

day 13-14....

Hello there everyone,

Well its kinda nice to be staying in the one place for more than one day! Wow, New York is amazing!

I went out with my friend Anthony and a few of his friends on Saturday night.
Sunday I kinda chilled out a bit which was good after all the driving,
Walked around a bit in the local area.

Yesterday it was the 5th anniversary of 9/11 so i went down to 'ground zero'
All of the victims' names were being read out and all of the police and fire department were out on the streets.
There was definitely an emotional feel all over, and every conversation i could hear was about people on that day.

Then i saw a little trailerload of chihuahuas with i love NY t-shirts on!!

I went on a bit of a boat trip around Manhattan then to see a few sights,
Time square, St. patricks cathedral, i was looking/drooling into a guitar shop window when this old black guy came up to me and started talking about guitars and guitarists, then he proceeded to 'sing' a guitar solo from Jimi Hendrix! we chatted (with a few more vocal guitar solos) for about 20 minutes! Maybe he knows people in Oklahoma,

Anyway today im going to do a bit more touristy stuff as the weather is clear
and will let you know how it goes!


Blogger Rain King said...

Dogs with TShirts? Sounds like they have been taking lessons from Paris Hilton or Lisa (KeronDoc), as I recall her dog had a hoody with the words SECURITY on was a shitzu..

Why is it you end up talking to the weirdos? Didnt Ma Malone tell you not to talk to strangers?

Good blog today. See you in less than 48 hours..

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Looks/sounds like you're having a ball. New York is such a fab place to end up - but must have been odd being there on 9/11. Bring me back an I Love NY T-shirt .... I'm a bit bigger than those dogs, maybe a medium! See you soon.

Tara x

8:18 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Hey rain king, i like the weirdos cos they think theyre not weird at all!! i met more today!!

Tara! hows it going,im sure you know all about the shops here,yes will be lovely to see you soon. im sure youll fit nicely into a medium, its on the way!

7:23 PM  
Blogger pirate said...

Hi Shimmy

looks like your having a great time in N Y
Seams like a crazy place, enjoy your last day, see you when you get back....


12:58 AM  
Blogger Ma said...

What a weekend to get to the Big A - the anniversary of 9/11. Like the pics, can recognise some of the sights. Brings back happy memories! Enjoy the city - it is MAGIC - every bit of it.
Nice to share some time with Anthony. Hope next time he is home that he gets a chance to call and say hello.
Have a safe trip back to Bristol tomorrow and get a good sleep and readjust to another time zone.


4:48 AM  
Blogger shea said...

Thanks Pirate,

see you in bristol soon now!

Hi Ma,
yep NY is great, still got a day and a bit here left.

8:25 AM  

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