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Travelling from L.A. to N.Y over the next 2-3 weeks.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Last entry....

Hello everyone, well im leaving new york today so this will be my final entry for this blog,

The last few days ive been doing touristy stuff,
I went out to Ellis island and that was great,. Great views of Manhattan while on the boat,
I checked out Wall street and all the old architecture around there,
I was meeting up with my friend Anthony in the evenings after he finished work.
Yesterday then i started off at the Dakota building where John Lennon was shot, Yoko still lives there and then across to central park to the Strawberry fields area.
Walked around the Jackie Onnassis reservoir then, Full of joggers usually, like a lot of Central park.

I visited the Frick museum which is great, like someones house almost (well a very wealthy someones house)
I went to the Guggenheim museum, spent a good few hours in there.
After that i went down to Brooklyn bridge and walked across, (its really long!)
I think i clocked up a good few miles walking yesterday.
I did see a police car with the lights flashing on at Brooklyn bridge but when i looked in, the 2 cops inside were eating burgers!
I guess that can be classed as an emergency!
Then last night i met up with Anthony again and his friend Kerry and her boyfriend Mark (whos in that great band JJ72 if anyone knows them)
We had right laugh to round off the night till the early hours.
This morning then i made a quick trip into Grand central station which is Massive! I was standing in awe!
Its a rainy day here in NY so i went outside and had a quick look at the chrysler building.
Back on the subway again, there were a lot of musicians on the subway today so i gave them all of the change i had.
Im about to pack up now and grab a cab to the airport, to JFK
Tomorrow morning all going well I'll be back in London and then to Bristol.
so if your in Bristol, ..ill see you soon and if your not,...well ill see you soon anyway!!

Bye everyone, apologies for any fuzzy pictures and late night spelling mistakes, I've only put up about half of what I've seen really! its been a great trip with you all.

Shea x


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Seamus!!!I love this Blog! Glad you made it cross country alright! E-mail me sometime so we can chat and catchup. Best of luck, mate!

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